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Digital Signage - E-Learning

Developed corporate training movies used to remotely train branch personnel over digital signage system.  (Solution was instrumental in reducing costs by training office personnel remotely and reducing drive time.)

     •  Extensive knowledge of Audio/Video editing and encoding digital media into several types of multimedia formats, including mpeg, mpeg2, mpeg4, avi, mov and swf.

     •  Audio - Edited and cleaned up audio by removing coughs, sneezes, long un-natural long pauses, alarm beeps, phone or text sounds, door slams, interruptions, stuttering, uh’s, and adding pauses where the presenter would speak to fast.

Adobe Captivate

Captivate to Capture Keystrokes

Captivate to Capture Keystrokes

Captivate to Capture Keystrokes

PowerPoint to Camtasia Studio

PowerPoint - Table of Contents

PowerPoint To Camtasia

PowerPoint to Camtasia Studio

Special Projects

Having Fun with our ATM trainings

Audio Conference - Audio Cleanup

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