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Hello, and welcome to Ball Studios.  We are Dennis and Sharon Ball.  

Ball Studios was actually created for us by Apple iMovie back in 2005 when making DVD's for iMovies.  The name and video intro stuck with us and then later we needed a place to store our travel videos, birthday celebrations and memorial videos so, in 2012 Ballstudios.com was born.  


Dennis, has always had some sort of telescope and a passion for Astronomy. He was always telling me about different constellations and how to find  the north star, Polaris.  He also liked observing our solar system, we saw Jupiter and its 4 moons, Saturn and would always observe any Lunar Eclipse.  He loved giving night sky tours to engaged friends and family.  Then in 2014 we joined an astronomy club.

As members of Riverside Astronomy Society is where we developed an interest in astrophotography. Our interests focus on night sky, solar system and deep sky object photography. 

As we became more and more familiar with our cameras,  our photography grew too.  Sharon loves long exposure photography (waterfalls, night-sky and light painting).  Dennis likes wild life photography, especially birds

Sharon has extensive Photoshop, web design and video editing skills. Her photo processing talent is the center point for video and image development. 


The answer is no.  Living in an RV is a lifestyle.  Most days we do normal stuff, like cook, clean, do laundry grocery shop, but we're in a different city every week or two.  Sometimes we stay in campgrounds or RV Parks, other times we boondock (dry camp with no hookups).  We visit family and friends that have several acres that allow us to mooch dock on their property.  And, we have campground memberships that really help keep costs down.


In 2015, a photographer I was following sold his house and he and his wife travel the world.  Wow, doesn't that sound crazy and fun.  I knew we couldn't do that, but what about an RV?  So in 2016 we got a  travel trailer.  It would be fun to have even if we decide not to live in it full-time?  We loved our little trailer, we took it on our week long vacations and lots of weekend trips for a few years and loved it.

In Feb 2020, we sold our house and moved in to our RV full-time to live a life full of adventure.  We did get new truck and 5th wheel.  We interviewed people in campgrounds about truck and trailers.  Most said get diesel truck and a 5th wheel.  Someone told us if we're full-timers get a Montana or a Grand Design or others won't honor warranties. I knew Dennis would never go for the big Montana's so we got a Grand Design.  It's been 2 years now and we absolutely love our life.  If you want to see the places we've been, check out our  Blog .  

Since you're here, check out some of our amazing photography. Including our award winning photograph of Pele's Well.  We took 1st place in Westways magazine - October 2019 issue (Auto Club magazine, for AAA members).   We also have Landscapes, Nightscapes, Milkyway, Deep Space, State Capitol Buildings, Light Painting, Wildlife ,  the Great American Solar Eclipse video  and now Fireworks from Winter Blast 2022.  

~ Sharon Ball

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